Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

our love story begins in december of 2000 at The Ohio State University. in a bar. after a few drinks. it was a slow night. my friends and i decided it was time for a change of music. he was the dj. we were looking through the music. fast forward a couple nights, a first kiss. fast forward another week, a first (double) date. fast forward 8 days later, his birthday. followed by 4 years of on and off dating. somewhere along the way we fell in love.

when we met, we were in college. we were having fun. our love was exciting, adventurous, butterflies-in-the-tummy-feeling, late nights, euchre and poker, football saturdays, beer pong and corn hole, date nights, laughing, smiles, mutual friends and carefree, responsibility-less love. we were young. we made mistakes. we said sorry. we had more fun. we fell more in love. i knew we were lobsters.

slowly things started to change. we were growing up. we were changing. graduation was approaching.

after 4 years, we parted ways. he to LA to pursue music. me to manhattan with two girl friends to start a career.

we kept in touch. talked on the phone, almost every day. he came to visit. i still loved him. he still loved me. we were lobsters. just not together at the moment.

less than a year later, he moved back to northern virginia to finish school. i followed.

in november of 2006, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. i said yes. in march of 2008, i married my best friend, soul mate and lobster. in march of 2009 we welcomed our first little boy, Jackson Christopher and in April of 2011 we welcomed our second son into this world, Wyatt Alexander.

we have changed. our life has changed. but our love remains strong. some days we have other priorities.

now our love is raising our children, getting to hold hands for one moment, saying sorry after snapping at each other in the middle of the night up with a crying baby, laying in bed at night talking and laughing about all the things our boys said or did that day, sneaking kisses when we can, complete silence, scrabble & wine nights, ignoring the pile of laundry in the middle of the room, jumping up and down with joy over potty training, juggling two kids, the moment he walks in the front door from work, and the smiles. all the smiles. and the laughter.

the crazy thing about love is some of the things that seemed so important in the beginning, don’t really matter in the end. i just want to be with him.

i am so thankful to spend every day waking up to my amazing husband.

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