Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summertime Secrets!

I bet my title caught your attention? Okay... I have a little secret I wanted to share. It's not anything to write home to mama about.. or is it?! I feel things that make us feel good about ourselves, should be shared amongst each other. Especially, us women! It's not a 'ooooooh that's a gooood secret'. It's more of, 'oh! I want to try that'. I know.. the suspense must be killing you!

I'll be turning 27 in a month (that's not the secret). My age is important in this short little story. You need to understand how long it's been since I was in High School. It's been almost 10 yrs. I was active, playing tennis, running, working at summer camps and doing a lot of outdoor activities. My body got A LOT of sun! Which was wonderful (if you're reading this out loud make sure to emphasize on wonderful in a high pitched voice). I was tan all the time and loved it. My freckles were constantly standing out on my face, arms and legs. After High School ended so did that 'Active little KT'. I found myself, pale and when my body touched the sun... Ouch! Sunburnt everywhere! That's the Irish in me. It seems the French in me was stronger at a younger age.

Long story short I got so badly burnt last summer that I decided to tan for a few months this year in the spring so my body wasn't in shock when it saw sun. It actually helped, but I do not necessarily recommend tanning. So that came and went. My tan started to fade and then I didn't want to go back and pay money. It seems I never have or could find the time to just lay out on my back deck.

I contemplated a few ideas. One being Airbrush Tanning which I've done 2x in my life and loved it. But then I whined to myself.. 'Eh... Ill have to keep going back.. it costs too much money.." You know, excuses? Then I had to take a trip to my favorite cosmetic store, Sephora! One of my true loves!

While I was there refilling my beauty supplies I asked the lady if she had a really good self tanner. What does she point me to, but the products [St. Tropez] they used for the Airbrush Tanning I've done before. My jaw dropped, literally. I was so excited and immediately bought the products. I've gotten so many compliments on my lovely tan ever since. It smells great and there's no going back for me. I'm satisfied with my faux tan and my body likes me too! ♥

It's as easy opening a bag of chips!

Step One: Exfoliate your skin like whoa!
Step Two: Put the Mitt on your dominant hand! If you're unsure, pretend you are going to wax a car.. which hand would you choose?
Step Three: Depending which product you buy (I got the foam and highly recommend it) you add some directly to the Mitt and just rub into your skin until you don't see any lines.
Step Four: Wait a few hours before putting clothes on. I normally do this at night, wearing a strapless top so I don't get lines on my shoulders. Then I'll rinse off in the morning.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me (!