Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Since my husband is military, I don't use his real name in anything. He is referred to as GI Joe.

It was a simple bet that brought me and my love together. GI Joe and I had known each other for a little while but never said more than a couple words to eachother. We had a mutual friend so GI Joe would come over to my house every once in awhile. This mutual friend and I decided to make a little bet. Little did I know, this bet would change the rest of my life. My friend bet me that there was no way I could ever get with GI Joe. Me being my cocky self, had to take the bet. I gave him my number that night and we started talking. There was an immediate connection between the two of us. However, I had recently got out of a long relationship that hadn't ended very well. I was more than hesitant to give this boy who dressed in silly baggy clothes a chance.
However, that didn't stop us from hanging out. We had been talking for about 2 months when we took a little roadtrip together to Eureka, California. Without this trip, I really don't know where GI Joe and I would be today. I was always the type to say that something big, something I couldn't refuse, would happen when I found the right person. And that's exactly what I got in GI Joe. This may sound cheesy, but it was real. You know those movies that show a kiss that is perfect, intoxicating, and filled with more emotion that can be described in words? Well, I've lived that. GI Joe and I shared one moment of pure perfection, pure emotion, that neither of us will never forget. It was the moment I had been knowing would come when I found the right one.

We started dating shortly after and we had your typical boyfriend/girlfriend experience. A year and a half later GI Joe enlisted into the Army. And I know Tv shows make being involved with a solider romantic, but it's not all that. GI Joe and I ended up breaking up for a couple months before he left for Basic Training. A girl is allowed to be scared when the only boy that has ever matter is getting ready to not only leave for who knows how long, but is joining the army. The day he left for Basic Training I kissed him goodbye and he was gone. We still weren't technically together. The day after he left, I was writing a letter. Telling him he was the one, he had always been the one, and that I had been scared. I told him I wanted him back if he would have me. As soon as I got an address, that letter was in the mail. Little did I know GI Joe was writing the same letter to me and sending it to me.

 We became 'official' again through letters. He proposed the next time I saw him, which was at his graduation of Basic Training. I said goodbye the next day and the next time I saw him 3 months later, we were married. The day after we were married, I said goodbye yet again. He had training to finish up. 2 months later, he was home. And we were finally getting to start out newlywed life in Texas. Unfortunately, husband will be getting deployed mid-august. So after spending the last 7 months apart, we are facing 12 more months apart. This deployment will only make us stronger individually and as a couple. The first year of our marriage we will spend apart. Thus is the life of loving a soldier though. No other boy is worth the distance, or worth missing all the 'firsts' together. We can put the newlywed time on hold, but that boy owes me a damn good honeymoon ;)
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