Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Green Eats Blog

Today I introduce to you one of my longest and genuine friends, Matt. 
He is the writer and creator behind Green Eats Blog!

Let’s start with this - I love food. I know most people say that they “love” food, but I love food. I think about it pretty much constantly, I dream about it, and I can pontificate for hours on topics such as the proper way to roast a chicken and vinegar v. tomato based barbecue sauces.

Green Eats Blog originally started as a class project. I was enrolled in the Sustainable Agriculture program at Central Carolina Community College here in North Carolina (after finding my liberal arts degree oh-so-useful in this economy) and we had to do a final presentation for my Intro to Sustainable Agriculture class. I chose a blog, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But not really. Writing a blog, and being consistent, is hard work. I am employed full-time as the manager for a local cheesemaking company here in North Carolina, and on top of that I am involved in organizing events and doing social media outreach for the local food community. I use Green Eats Blog as an outlet for my obsession, as a repository for my inner food nerd. I post recipes, list local food events, and track my journey through the world of sustainable agriculture.
The basic premise behind Green Eats Blog is simple - that food should be delicious, easy, and above all nourishing, both for you and your community. I support local farms and businesses, fight against the interests of corporate agriculture, industrial food, and the politicians who have sold our health and environment to the highest bidder. I believe that everyone should have access to whole, healthy food. I think that the Big Mac is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the American food system. I want a simple homemade meal to be accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

I’ve known Katie my entire life, we met in pre-school and have been friends ever since. I’ve grown and moved away, and still I know that she is there for me if I need her. I like to think that my blog is like hers in many ways; about love. She expresses a simple, infectious love for life, family, and friends. I hope to capture that love and express it through food. If nothing else, I want Green Eats Blog to be a gathering place for people who love to eat.

You can visit my wonderful friend, Matt at: