Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hug & Love Thursday Blog Hop!

This is now my second week in a row hosting the Hug & Love hop on Thursday. Don't we just love Thursdays? The week is almost over and it's 1 day closer to Friday! Last week I asked everyone to link up one of their favorite posts and I feel that was successful. It's fun for me (if I may say so myself) to look back in time at some old posts of mine. It's strange reading them as I forget that's mean that wrote them!

If you would like to, never pressure from this girl.. feel free to grab the Hug & Love hop button below paste on your page so others will find their way to link up as well. The more love the better! Don't forget to link up yourself my bloggie friends! Love you all. Kate xoxo

Hug & Love Thursday

I try to also post a blog that I enjoy reading. Please take some time to stop bye and say hello to my good friend, Donna! She's an incredible writer!