Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shake what your Mama gave ya!

Do you like to dance? It could be slow, fast, maybe you know some sweet moves or your own unique moves. It's okay though whatever happens to be your thang! I sure love to. I dance when I'm brushing my teeth. My poor animals probably dread when I pick them up because I'll sing and dance with them around the living room. When good things happen it excites me knowing that I then have a reason... excuse to dance! For example: My feet were freezing so I put socks on. It warmed them up so quick that I did a sock dance. Don't ask ;) When I hit 100 followers knowing people enjoyed reading I did a dance, ohhh yeah!

It feels good and makes me feel a live. If you don't have time to exercise in the morning do a little dance, while your combing your hair, blow drying it. Make getting dressed fun and not just undressed... oh geez!  Either way liven up your life. Let your soul be free, get those knees to bend, feet off the floor, arms in the air and just shake what your mama gave ya!!

Yes Charlie will only slow dance!

Dirty Dancing - sweet moves!

Love you all - good night ;)