Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh you crazy little thing called 'Timing'..

Christmas morning Charlie and I both woke up to head on over to my parents to exchange gifts and have breakfast. I felt a little under the weather and throughout the day it just progressed. By the end of the night I had a fever, chills, nausea, horrible cough and excruciating sore throat. I feel excruciating sums it all up. Charlie that night began to have all the same symptoms. After days of us both taking everything you can think of, on top I've been gargling cayenne pepper, warm salt water, chomping on cough drops. It's been horrible.

How much worse could it get? Two of Charlie and I best friends are getting married Thursday (30th) and we're both in the wedding. As well we have our 3rd New Year's Eve planned at our house. I was in tears Monday knowing how wretched I felt and it seemed I would never be healthy again. I know, I'm so dramatic but I know you've all been there. I also asked to give a speech which I've been working on, I'm so excited to give and I have no voice. I know.. poor me.. poor me, lol.

In the doctor's office yesterday I started crying when I asked her if I'll have a voice by Thursday. She smiled and said there's no guarantee but I recommend getting the queue cards ready! At least, she's honest, right? Also, the New Year's Eve party we've been planning for, we're both thinking we'd have to cancel. I've been out of work all week as I've been so sick and weak. What else is new? I can't believe how much work I've missed this year. I just had the flu a few months back. I'm making a resolution not to be sick. I'm going to do everything in my power this year to be healthy. There's so much going through my head, worries, stresses, not necessarily this week but for everything in general. It's so strange how when you're sick there's no control over any emotions.

So my answer to it all is bad timing. That's all, just a little bad timing. Taking a step back from it, the tissues, medicine on the counter, cough drop wrappers everywhere, throat spray, empty soup cans.. looking at everything else besides all of that I'm amazed. I'm amazed.. where I am. In a house, one that Charlie and I can call our own. It's warm, there's couches to lay on, food in the cabinets, beverages in the fridge. We have hot running water, and a comfortable bed that I've been resting my body on 24/7 over the last 4-5 days. I have clothes on (thank god, right? haha)... shoes to wear to walk outside in the snow. A car to get us from Point A to Point B and back to Point A again. I have lights that work and tons of candles in the cabinet if for any reason we lose power. There's still light to guide the way.. The photos, oh my god the amount of photos I have on the walls, in frames or just lying around with people we love so much that are apart of our lives. We're so lucky, I'm so lucky.

So.. yes bad timing to be sick on this week. The week I really needed 100% of my health, but that doesn't mean my whole life is bad timing.. just a few days right?

I love you all,