Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hug & Love Thursday Hop!

So I'm officially going to be hosting a Linky Up (honestly I"m not sure what it's called, lol) every Monday and Thursday. I'm starting the Thursday Hop now and it'll end Friday morning. I know.. that's cheating but hey I'm trying to be considerate to different time zones :)

I wanted to have fun with this one and saw this on someone else's page. I'm so sorry for not giving credit but I honestly can't remember who's page it was! When you enter your link instead of your main blog link it to one of your favorite posts you ever wrote. I think that'll be great!!

If you could also spread the word of the hop by stealing my little button. If you don't, no worries at all!! Be sure to click on other links below to make some new friends and show some love. Love you all and have a blast!