Sunday, December 26, 2010

Memories everywhere..

Happy Holidays to all. I am hoping that those who celebrate Christmas had a beautiful one and there was no stress. As well, I hope you got nice goodies, laughed and enjoyed the company around you. I had quite a remarkable Holiday. I was unsure how it would all go as there were some families missing but we all enjoyed ourselves and had such a ball! I wanted to share some random moments with you as I'm looking through the pictures from this past week.

New Memory #1: I had started back in January a 'Cousin's Night' at  my house. It's exactly as it sounds, a night with my cousins having a blast. I planned different things each month. The kickoff party was Karaoke. Charlie had set up a Mic our living room and connected my laptop to our TV. It was so much fun and we all sure love to sing. Another night was Ice Skating. We went somewhere a few towns our and just ice skating for a few hours. One Cousin's night in the summer was a BBQ on my back deck. I bought chalk for my cousin's kids and of course we all drew as well. Over the past few months I stopped doing it and it made me very sad. There was some reasons behind it. This past week the adult cousins (meaning 21+) all went out to have some drinks and play pool. We danced all night, sang and the owner opened a pool table for us. I honestly had the time of my life as my cousin's mean the world to me! Here's some photos:

My cousin Jenn, me and my lovely sister, Kelly

 Toasting to us!

New Memory #2: I had to do some Christmas shopping.. of course and wanted to find something cheap but cute to wear for Christmas. I ended up getting quite the bargain. I got 3 dresses for $24. I know, for you women that's a hell of a deal, right? When I was looking for something I thought, definitely a dress. I only wore dresses as a child and then eventually my taste in clothes changed and never wore dresses again. Of course, for special occasions (weddings mainly) I'll find a dress. I was so comfortable and wore a different dress 2 nights in a row this past week. I played a little dress up after buying these and felt like Audrey Hepburn. I'm not going to lie.. that's the look I was going for! Again, only $24 for all three! Here's 2 of them...

New Memory #3:  Christmas Eve is what I consider my actual Christmas. It's when my father's side gets together and since we have so many cousins it's overwhelming the amount of love in one place at once! As I mentioned earlier in the blog I'm unsure how it would go. It was phenomenal! I somehow got everyone together before my Dad did a toast for a group shot. I was motivated to get one and it sure happened. See for yourself!

New Memory #4: My cousin bought that Xbox Kinnex. I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling or not. Regardless.. holy crap is that fun! She had the Dance game and a bunch of us were playing. If you're children are begging you for one of those and you can afford it I say go for it. I promise YOU will love to play it as well. I've been asking Charlie if we can get one, haha. It's probably silly too since I only want that one game but we'll see.
My 2nd cousin playing the soccer game on Kinnex
 Me dancing to Salt n Peppa
 My cousin doing the track game

New Memory #5: Peanut will be 1 year old in January. This was his first Christmas. We brought him over my parent's house Christmas morning and since he loves to lift his leg to everything and anything at their home he of course had to wear a diaper. Sad but true.. My sister bought him a cute little squeaker toy. You'll see in the video below how he was more interested in my sister's slippers I bought her. It's a cute little video. He's quite the puppy!

I love new memories!

Love you all - Kate