Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You can always pick up where you left off...

Aloha && Happy Wednesday to all you beautiful people!

I'm looking forward to an overdue date with my best friend tonight (bff will be her name in this story). We haven't seen each other in months but we think about each other as well contact one another with little love messages all the time! They're always spontaneous and seem to come at the perfect time. I love her so much! I wanted to tell you the story about how we met, want to know? Sure you do! [Sidenote: I'm 26 now, that way you can figure out the math with your fingers, like I do as you follow along].

Back in Middle School we shared a mutual friend. The mutual friend kept bff and I apart by making us think that we didn't like each other. We then had a school trip in which we were going to fly on down to Disney. Bff and I ended up being in a room together with 2 other friends. Oh boy! Out of the blue one day bff just said to me, 'hey.. write me a letter!'. So I did just that. I wrote her a letter asking her questions about herself. Of course one of the questions I asked her was, 'why don't you like me?' She was shocked as she thought I didn't like her!. Our letters became longer and we then decided to go see Titanic together (wow, long time ago, huh?). We ended up cracking up during the saddest part of the movie because someone dropped a bag of M&Ms and you could hear them all over the place!

So the trip came and we were so excited because we had gotten to be such close friends. We ended up spending every night in the hotel, in the bathroom! I had a pillow in the shower and she was on the floor. We talked about everything. From that point on we talked every single day. When I say every single, there is no exaggeration. My parents ended up having to purchase Call Waiting which was a new feature back then because of how frequent we were on the telephone together.

The two of us shared the same views, opinions, philosophies. We even created a Holiday combining both of our names. It was the 13th of every month, since it was both of our favorite number. We confided in each other and helped out through some of the hardest times in our lives. The two of us just knew there was a reason our friendship existed and was so strong.

During High School, our sophomore year we found out from her Mom (it only took a few years) that bff and I were cousins. Well, we're 3rd cousins but that sure still counts. We like to consider ourselves blood related. So it all made sense, the connection.. bff and I are family!

Bff and I still talked every day during High School but we hung out with different groups of friends. It was okay and it worked out because when something happened and we had to call on each other we truly got an outside perspective each time. We lost touch after High School, how it happened? We'll never really know. It sure was some painful years without her in my life. Long story short we 'reunited' a few years ago and my life feels complete having her in it. Knowing that we'll be there for each other during our adult life. Growing old together. I love her very much.

I have great stories just like this as to how I met all of my besties but since bff is on my mind since we'll be having a dinner date tonight I felt the need to share it. I hope you all have a great friend or numerous ones that you can go time apart and still pick up where you left off.