Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let your Lights shine!

Tonight Charlie and I went on a date in which I loved. It'll be our 10th Christmas together, actually this year is our 10th everything! What a great number. We will have been together for an entire decade, crazy isn't it? So we dressed up warm, bundled up and shimmied to Dunkin Donuts to purchase a White Hot Cocoa for moi and a Coffee for the ever so handsome gentleman driving the car. While in the background Christmas music streamed through our radio...

We went to the park we have gone year after year. I still remember the first time we drove there, our first year dating. I remember driving through there back in 2001 and the feeling of happiness being next to Charlie.  I can't tell you how many stars I wished upon to be with this man forever!

The anticipation driving down the dark road and then seeing specks of lights through the trees and then all at once the opening and bright lights! It's so breathtaking! I wanted to share our evening with all of you. I hope you enjoy the pictures and as I've mention a time before pictures are wonderful and truly capture a moment in time; however, being there in person is always a different feeling!

Love you all!