Sunday, December 12, 2010

Love should be contagious.

Sometimes I have so much to write about that I don't know what to write about. That makes sense, right? My mind feels really cluttered today, overflowing like a pot of water that's just boiling over. This is going to be quite the inconsistent blog I can tell already! I feel like writing my thoughts out so I apologize if it makes your head spin!

Thought #1:....I miss my grandparents, oh do I miss them. They passed away along time ago but I think of them all the time, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of them everyday.. I've written many posts on them here on this lovely blog.  I feel there's just so much going on with our family that only they could fix. I tried for along time to fill their shoes but I finally 'moved on' from that job. Everyone has their own personality and they are very different from one another. We all have different morals, views, and everyone is stubborn. I just hope in time people look around at what they have and what is still here, how much people really care about each other and they'll put everything in the past where it belongs. I wish everyday that happens..

Thought #2:.... I saw a couple walking holding hands and they were swinging back and forth. The woman was pregnant, very pregnant :) The man holding the bags. It made me smile! Two people so in love, and what a gentleman to carry the bags.

Thought #3:..... Within this past year I've become close again with some really great people that I always considered some of my best friends. I never truly realized how incomplete my life was when I didn't have them in it. I know we began to grow apart of the years and it didn't hurt when that was happening because I guess it was such a slow pull. When we 'reunited' again and shared our past years and what we missed in each others lives that when I felt the pain. I can say now that I feel really happy having them apart of my life again!

Thought #4:..... Two of my best friends are pregnant and I'm extremely excited. I'm nervous because I don't know much about babies but I've been learning from others and doing research. I want to be a really good Aunt and a great friend to these mommies. I'm going to work really hard to help make them as least stressed as possible and help them as this will be a new adventure for both of them!

Thought #5:.... I love Charlie so much. We moved into our home a year ago on Halloween. It's definitely been a struggle because of his work schedule. Have I ever mentioned how awful it is? He works the night shift so I was alone all the time and I felt bad for him because he is always tired during the day and has missed out spending time with our families and friends. I threw him a Surprise 30th back on Memorial Day which he said was the nicest thing anyone ever did for him. I invited all of his friends and our families and it was great to see him smile and catch up with everyone. He recently applied for a new position where he worked which if he gets it (all fingers crossed) he will work M-F 8-5.. I've been praying every night that he gets this job because I just want 'us' back. I want to be able to have dinner every night together, wake up together, have weekends together. Go on little day trips together. Do things around our home together. Oh.. this should be a blog within itself..

Thought #6:... I have so much shopping to do, yikes! I haven't really even started. It's overwhelming. I was thinking today that next year I would like to do something instead of receiving and giving gifts. Someone recently talked about how her family stopped doing gifts and instead they do something charitable each year. I'm thinking something along the lines, but we'll see. I have an entire year to think of something so I need to file this thought away and not stress about what's to come!

Thought #7:... I bought Peanut a new toy today. He loves the squeaker toys but since he's so tiny he needs the ones that are easy to bite down on. Low and behold at Petco there was this reindeer toy that has 4 corners with squeakers! I thought.. oh my gosh Peanut will love this. Well, he's been playing with it and carrying it around with him the entire day. I know he's happy and found a new little baby :)

Thought #8:... I enjoy making others happy. My day is complete when I can help someone sad turn everything all around. There's been alot of wonderful people in my life lately that are going through some hard times. I will do anything and everything to help them get through it and be there for them.  I just want everyone to know it's okay to smile even when things around you isn't going the way you hoped it would.

Love you all!