Monday, December 20, 2010

I'll sleep easy tonight..

"I can sleep peacefully tonight because I know that I'm happy with the decisions I made at each moment throughout the day."

I've been telling myself that over the last few weeks and it seems to have made a great impact on my sleep schedule. Also, of course singing the song throughout the day 'Count your blessings instead of sheep' by Bing Crosby. Oh, what  a classic in deed! My little saying there is so powerful in my eyes. When I find myself in a situation and unsure of which way to go I stop and think... 'what will help me sleep tonight?' I have to remember that at the end of the day it's just me to answer to. I have to be okay with what I say and how I leave a moment.

With that said, what happened tonight? I backed up and lightly bumped a car. Awful, right? The week of Christmas, a beautiful week that should be stress free. I like to say I'm always keeping my eyes on the road and I do not have a record at all when it comes to accidents. I can't say that anymore, lol! Charlie and I were in a parking lot and it was not lit well at all. When I realized what I did I froze and then of course pulled my car forward. I was in shock. Charlie who's just amazing and so laid back looked at me.. 'it's okay babe, it's only a little bump. There's probably barely any damage.' He was right, there was a small marking which maybe came from me or perhaps someone else did the same thing to that same exact spot (odds? not likely).

There were so many restaurants and shopping plazas. I asked Charlie, 'what do we do, wait?'. I wrote a love  note to them with all of my information. I still felt guilty because I felt I had to talk to them, hug them, cry, plead to forgive me (but of course still call my insurance company). I thought to myself that I really hope I don't cause any stress for them since this is a Holiday week. These poor people probably just went out shopping or to dinner and now they'll walk out, most likely not notice the marking and see the note as they're about to drive away stuck under their windshield. Okay, I took a deep breath! Those were all the thoughts that went through my mind as I wrote the letter. I signed it at the end and wrote 'I'm so very sorry!' What else could I do?

I will sleep well tonight, even after the guilt of injuring someone's beautiful car. Because I didn't just drive away which I know there's many people out there that do (I'm not judging). I however could not do that. I pray they take my note as a genuine apology and that the damage isn't bad, since it was dark and like I said.. I only noticed a little scratch!

Love you all!