Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let's switch shoes!

Happy evening to you all!

I've been wanting to write this post all week but I knew that I'd have to put some time aside and proofread (which I never do, oops). I would like to consider myself a pretty observant little chicky. Always enjoyed people watching whether it's sitting in a public area, at the beach, at a concert, waiting at a Doctor's office. Where ever I happen to be I enjoy learning about people just through their actions.

I also like to analyze them picturing what their life is like, married, divorced, dating, kids/no kids, etc. Putting those specific observations aside I mainly try to read their body language to figure out what kind of mood they're in.

For example: I put a few things on the counter at checkout and I smile asking the cashier how they're doing. Watching her face I can see the strain in her cheeks as she tries to smile and says, "I"m fine.. thank you"! At that very moment I can tell she's not fine. It's not that she's truly lying, it's just not in her mind the time nor place to start venting. Isn't that sad that we can't do that? Isn't it awful that society has made us feel we need to lock our emotions away. My next step seeing someone in that position, sad, and having a faux smile is to hop in her shoes. ...At that moment if I'm sad and I know there's plenty of hours in my shift left what could a customer possibly do to make me feel better without having to tell them what's wrong?... Personally, a great compliment would sure cheer me up.  I then proceed to compliment how I love the colour of her hair. It's quite rare and I asked if it was her natural hair colour. She smiled and said it actually is. It had a red tone to it. I then asked, are you Irish? Her smile was big and I could tell her face had relaxed. She replied.. I sure am, 100% Irish. I told her how I'm Irish and French but the Irish side is my happier side. She started to laugh. I told her how I wished my hair colour looked like hers it's gorgeous and I don't think I could find a box that would even match it, that she's very unique and its a great quality to have. At this point I was done paying and before I could say a word, she said thank you so much and I hope you have a great Holiday.

This is just one story of mine from the last few weeks. I can probably tell 10 a day, no exaggeration. I've always found it easy to put myself in other shoes. To feel what they feel, to cry when I see someone in pain, to laugh when I see others whether they're close to me or strangers happy. I'm not a jealous person because I do believe that at some point it will be your turn.

Some things that happened recently have made me sad and it's mainly because I'm seeing others judging people when they don't know them. When I say they don't know them, they really don't. I know people who have lost loved ones but still put on a smile and head into work. Some people have no idea of their losses but remain sour and make rude remarks about anything unrelated. People don't stop and think about what someone else could be going through or could have went through.

I just want to put everyone in a huge room and say... "Close your eyes. Think of the worst possible thing that could happen to you.. think really hard. Now.. you feel that pain.. think of the worst possible thing that DID happen to you, it could have been at any point in your life. Now.. think about everyone who knew what happened? I'm going to assume that only close friends and family if any may have known about that horrible incident/event in your life.. Think about all the strangers you passed by or people you communicated with during that time that had no idea of what was going on... Open your eyes.. When you go out in the world assume that everyone you meet could possibly be experiencing that worst possible event in their life. Take time to be a little kinder to those around you even if it's a stranger. We shouldn't be judging or hurting others.. "

Oy vey.. that was a mouthful.. or handful! I love you all so much. I hope this post doesn't upset or offend anyone. I've been antsy to get it out of my mind and all typed out.

Good night :)