Monday, December 13, 2010

I'll love you 'til the day I die..

Well it's that time of year again, what time? Where I pull out my absolute favorite movie of all time, dust it off and place it in the DVD player without scratching it! I was prompted by an episode tonight on 'How I Met Your Mother'. Which happens to be one of my favorite TV shows! Within the first minute of the episode they mention.... drum roll.... 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

I've met people in my life that are familiar with some of the quotes in this extraordinary movie; however, have never seen it. Because of that I will not go into too many details of the movie because I recommend that you all watch it. If you have before and do not remember too much of it, watch it again, really take it all in. It's truly inspiring. It's about a great man who puts everyone first.

Have you ever been down on yourself and wondered what life would be like for everyone else if you weren't here? I would be lying if I said I never did. Even those times I'm feeling really good I still think about life and how one decision changes the whole course of my life and of course I wonder about others around me and how their lives would be if I stepped out of the mix. I hope that never happens.. This movie is about this whole idea.

I never get tired of  watching James Stewert in his classic role as George Bailey. After the movie ends I sit thinking about my life and how wonderful it really is. There has definitely been a lot of bad in my life, but somehow some good has come out of each situation. Believe me, it's there you just need to take time, to give it time and there will be some positive in it all. We have to stop adding on to the negatives and put some newspaper over those bad spills... Open our eyes a little wider, let our faces relax and smile some more. We need to appreciate literally what's in front of us at each moment.

Maybe you know someone whether it's an acquaintance, someone at work, maybe even family  who frustrates you, or there is someone that makes your life stressful. As crazy as it sounds we need those people in our lives, why? Well, it's helps us appreciate those around us who take the time to love us and make us feel needed and special. They say.. you don't know how good you have it until something bad happens? I don't know who 'they' is, haha.. but I've heard a quote along those lines!

Sorry for the rambling. Love you all.
Hugs & Kisses... here's to a Wonderful Life!

Kate :)