Sunday, December 5, 2010

Realize what we have now..

I wanted to share a story from yesterday evening. It made me upset so I didn't feel the need to write immediately about it and just sleep on it, then discuss it today.

First I'd like to say how I do believe everything happens for a reason, I must say that all the time.. It's crazy how in one moment a decision you make (left or right, yes or no) can change the whole flow of life following. I went to dinner with my little cousin who's more like my brother as we grew up together. Then following that shimmied to the pet store to get my hungry cats some food and then I proceeded home. Last minute I decided why not go to Walmart and get some light up candles for our windows? I hesitated at the light as I really didn't have the energy to walk through the store. Then I did, left my blinker on - took the left and drove to Wally World a town over.

I found exactly what I was looking for, got the candles and stockings to decorate and headed towards the registers. Here goes that 'one moment  a decision you make can change the whole flow of life following'..

It was packed so I walked back and forth trying to find the shortest register. I know, should have been more patient, sucked it up and just stood in any line. There was a line with one man checking out so I thought Bingo! I started to walk towards is just as this woman rushed in front of me and through her stuff on the belt. I stopped and then peeked over to the next register.. a cute little old lady with who I presumed to be her daughter. I walked over and placed all my items on the belt.

The little old woman I would have to say was maybe... maybe in her 80s? The woman with her I would say 50s?.. Oh the little old woman was so flippin' cute and french, oh how I love the french women (missing my Memere).. The cashier was petite, cute and I maybe my age. I watched her expression because she seemed so tired, guessing she's been working all day as her mascara was running a little. Within a moment it all started..

My guess was right, they were mother and daughter and what a nightmare of a world they must live in. The daughter began yelling at the mother and I mean, loud where people were looking. Rude, disrespectful.

She said to her mother.."Mom, I don't care for that nightgown and I don't want it. Get me something else for Christmas.."
The mother then replied hunched over and hands shaking (hence my guess of her 80s).. "but you love  nightgowns. I get those for you every year. It's pretty with flowers..your favorite"
Daughter: "I hate flowers and tell you that all the time. This is ridiculous.." looking at the cashier.."Maam put those back, take them out of the bag. I don't want them"..
The girl at the register was looking at the mother who at this point had tears coming down her face. She asked "..Should I take them off your purchase?"
The mother.."Yes, she doesn't want them, I thought she loves flowers, I can't look at them.."
The daughter..."Mom, put your hearing aids in, why don't you start listening. I hate flowers and your gift is stupid!"

My eyes were watering. I could not believe how awful this daughter was being to her mom. Loud where everyone can hear. Alls I could think is.. does she even NEED a Christmas present? Your mom is alot older and she clearly is happy getting you that. Just accept it? Consider it a present to her because she's happy?

They check out and leave. The daughter of course racing in front of her mom like a little kid and the mother walking slow as she had a cane.

I asked the cashier if she was okay. She said, "no.. my Mom isn't here anymore and I would give anything to have her back. I cannot believe that woman was so mean to her mom. That really makes me upset." I told her unfortunately people do not realize what they have until they're gone. The cashier said, "..Well I don't think that woman will ever appreciate what she has OR had.. "..

We talked a little more and I left. I walk outside to find the daughter screaming at her mom in her face. .. "You're old, you will die soon so get over it!".. That's all I heard and there must have been 6 people standing there watching probably wondering if they should intercept or say something. The daughter started walking away. I asked the mother if I could help her and she just looked up and at this point her whole face was wet from crying. ".. She smiled and said no.. I'm okay.. I'm young and I can make it to my car on my own" That made me smile. I felt like she know she has strength through all of that criticism her daughter gave her.

Okay, I apologize for this story being so long but I couldn't leave any details out. Please continue to show respect to all of your loved ones. It's true that sometimes it takes losing someone to realize what we had. Let's realize what we HAVE now..

Love you all and Happy Sunday.

I love my Mom so much!

I love my Dad too!