Tuesday, February 15, 2011

29 Gifts: Day 5

The greatest gift he ever gave me, was his love.

Day 5: Okay my friends! The day arrived 24 hours early. What we, well Charlie has been waiting for.. I feel there should be a drum roll! Charlie's Valentine's gift arrived today!! [Big Applause and those Woo Woo yells] 

Now I know it may be cheating a bit with the 29 Days of Gift but I'm looking past that. Every year I get my hunnie the same things in rotation: shirts, sweaters, candies, shirts, sweaters, candies, repeat! This year I was racking my brain a little trying to think up something different, until I gave up, clothes it is. Then my lovely friend and co-worker, Maureen, gave me a little nudge with the idea she had planned for her husband.  She was so sweet to tell me all about it and if Charlie was also a fan I should look into it.

So there I went ordering this super, awesome, unique, made Charlie smile and say it's the best Valentine's Gift ever, Beef Jerky Bouquet! I know Valentine's Day past but ladies, if your man or father, brother, friend, cousin, Uncle enjoy Beef Jerky as much as Charlie does I say this gift totally rocks! Beefjerkybouquet.com

Notice that this fabulous arrangement comes with a 20 ounce Beer Glass. Believe me when I say Charlie's eyes widen at the sight of it!

 All different flavours! He already ate one (of course!)

 Also, you can include a personal message. Just like our men send us flower arrangements ;)

 With all that Charlie has done for me I'll spend my life repaying all the favors. He's truly one of a kind and I'm so thankful to have him in my life. He's great to his family, my family, taking care of me and our pets (babies). Charlie's an extremely hard worker and things have finally fallen into place for him ♥ I love you so  much!