Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Imagine All The People..

Have you ever heard someone say something that just comforted you in every way? It did so because you didn't feel alone. Perhaps, you thought the same thing but just never found the right moment. Sometimes we see something, two people hugging, smiling, doing something for no reason at all. That's a great feeling to be a witness of that love or generosity. Recently, I feel that I've been surrounded with people appreciating others more than ever. I wanted to share a few photos over the year that fill me with all of these feelings.

A flower that I was given at the BIG E two years ago. It brightened my day and this picture reminds me of the beauty of that sweet September. That individual made a difference for me and I know other lovelies that received them must have felt the same way.

On a little weekend trip with one of my besties last summer we passed by this car. John Lennon has been an inspiration to my family and I. To know that someone else felt the same way, enough to express his words.... made that moment truly complete.

This is a bench at Old Orchard Beach where I've vacationed with my family for 20 years. They of course upgraded the benches over time and then also put plaques for those that wanted to acknowledge someone. This one is my favorite. The family knew how much this place meant to her and left her love there to share with others.
"Heaven is like a day at the beach"

Every time I see 'Life is Good' I immediately think ... I want that! I wish my SUV had a tire on the back just to show off this cute little slogan. I adore it and hope that others feel the same way when they see it. I love the owner of this jeep who is spreading positivity, literally where ever they go!

Ah, and of course a post would not be a post without some love. Last summer on my Birthday we went to the beach as we do every year. While hiking up the rocks this carving caught my eye. Oh how I wish I could say that this was my artwork, sadly it's another. However, it applies to all. Spreading the love to everyone.

With all my love,