Friday, February 25, 2011

If I can do it.. anyone can!

I completely without a doubt admire anyone who owns a sewing machine. I even admire them more if they know how to use it. Sewing machines always scared me. They look easy but they're little monsters (to me). I remember making a pillow of a pink pig back in Middle School. I attempted again to use a sewing machine a few years ago when one of my besties. It was a disaster and I had to take a couple steps back.

I'm not sure what came over me but tonight after I dropped Charlie off I took a ride to a fabric store. I walked around for what seemed to be an hour. I touched the different fabrics and fell in love with some pretty designs. I then walked over and picked up a sewing machine that is supposed to be E-Z. It's a petite one, cute and I didn't feel intimidated. I then brought the 3 fabrics to the counter and there was a pleasant woman who greeted me with a huge smile.

I explained to her I don't know what I'm doing but I want to make one of these. I then held up... a Circle Scarf! She smiled and said wow that's really cute. She then asked.. "Is that a bracelet". I said.. "It SURE is!" She smiled again and complimented on the cute little scarf style (score!!).  The woman was wonderful, figuring out how much fabric I needed.

Long story short, it took me over a half hour to thread the sewing machine. If you asked me to do it without directions I may not be able to but I think I got it down sort of. I wanted to share with you my first 2 scarves I made tonight ♥ I didn't take close ups because they're pretty sloppy, haha!