Monday, February 21, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

My very lovely and inspiring friend, Garnet at Mining Garnet has shared her beautiful story with us. Her style is unique and I absolutely love that about her. Be sure to stop bye and visit her. Together we can spread the love
Garnet and Michael: A Backwards Love Story

Florist girl meets front end manager boy. They spend the next few months coyly chatting over cigarettes, perched near the outdoor Christmas wreath displays, while she desperately hopes her flirting isn’t too obvious. Both of them knows this road will lead no where, that no matter how caught up they get in each other, they are just too different and it will never work. Girl winds up praying boy will be the one to end it because she already knows that love is starting to creep in and she will never have the guts to walk away. Eventually the boy does.

Life goes on, years fly by, new relationships blossom and die; they grow up. And 3 a.m. one morning, after a risky combination of Sam Adams, curiosity and Facebook searching, suddenly there he is again.

Man meets woman. They start from scratch, stay up until all hours of the night re-exploring every inch of each others bodies, minds and eventually hearts. They save each other from themselves. Woman carefully helps take down walls that man has built taller year after year. Man lets woman in, helps make her feel alive, reminds her she can be anything in the world. She tells him that at this very moment, the only thing in the world she wants to be is his.

And her only wish is that she could go back to five years ago and console that girl. Tell her that one day this will all make sense and all the overused lines in the book about everything happening for a reason someday ring true. Tell her that fate or luck or the Universe will bring you two crashing back together at a time when you are both ready. Tell her that one day the boy who is causing your tears will be the man who wipes them away. Tell her that you two will still be as opposite as they come, but it will be the differences will make things interesting and keep things real. Tell her that you two will have nicknames and traditions and he will make you laugh until you can’t breathe. Tell her that they will be good morning kisses, back rubs, homemade dinners and surprises.

Tell her that for some odd f-cked up reason they will have to do this backwards, but breaking up at the beginning will be Worth. It.

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