Saturday, February 19, 2011

29 Gifts: Day 6

"When you love people and have made a profound, positive impact upon the world, then will you have accomplished the meaning to live." ~Sasha Azevedo

Day 6: For the record it's quite windy here in New England, today. I saw tops to garbage cans in the street when it's not garbage pickup until Tuesday! It's sunny with blue skies but the ghostly sounds of wind hitting our windows send Peanut in a nuttso state! I have to say I love this wind!

Charlie and I took a little ride before he had to head on to his exciting late shift at work. We wanted pizza, so we grabbed a few slices. We were debating whether to eat at the restaurant or grab it to go. I told Charlie, "Let's grab the slices to go, then head to the park to watch things blow around!" He laughed and so we went. 

We got to the park and there were millions.. okay I'm exaggerating.. but there were tons of Seagulls flying around. Charlie made a silly comment that they weren't Seagulls because they are only by 'the sea'. There they are just walking around the snow in search for food. Of course since it's freezing and the snow is covering the ground there was no food for them.

We finished eating the pizza and I told Charlie that I wanted to feed the Seagulls. The poor dirty birds were getting thrown around from the wind and all that they wanted was to fight over some food. So there I was just the person to give a hand. I threw to them all the crusts from our slices of pizza. They jumped or should I say flew at the offer ♥