Sunday, February 13, 2011

There's A Lot Of Love Going Around

It's extremely late and I should be sleeping. I'm waiting until Charlie gets out so I can pick him up since his car is 'under the weather'. I wanted to share a few things that truly made my week. Keep in mind that I felt a bit stressed this week and through it all I made it out a live! That's what I think about, I'm still here, still sane (I think) and continuing to live positively.

#1: One of my lovely friends and co-workers, Maureen, gave me a fabulous idea of what to get Charlie for Valentine's Day. Since he reads my blog (Hi Hunnie!) I cannot post this amazing, out of this world, exciting, he's going to love it present. Once it arrives which sadly won't be until the 16th (Sorry Hunnie!) I promise to take a picture and share it with everyone. It's a great gift for your guy for any Holiday or Birthday!

#2: Peanut and I received the most beautiful gifts from our lovely friends Jenn, Cooper & Lola( If you ever have a chance please stop bye and visit them, you'll fall in love. Cooper & Lola have to be two of the cutest dogs I've ever seen. They brighten me and Peanut's day.. everyday! Today a package came, an incredibly sweet letter hand written which in itself is the best gift and these two beautiful gifts. Our friends had this made up just for Peanut and I. How beautiful are these? ♥ Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

#3: Last night I had a great date with two co-workers who I simply adore. The 3 of us have become such close friends and we have a date once a month. This time I wanted to have it at my house as one of my friends never saw my house. They both were meeting Peanut for the first time as well. My friend Lisa brought these two gifts. A picture frame for Peanut which I have to fill and a canister for Minnie and Nevan that I can fill with treats!. She took the time to think of our kiddos. There's so much Love going around lately that fills me with so much happiness I'm going to burst! I love it! ♥

4#: I took engagement photos today for a couple I know. It was a lot of fun and the pictures from what I've gone through already look terrific. I know they will be happy. There was snow on the ground and they got the perfect Winter feel. I feel simply honored to be able to capture today for them.

Until tomorrow (or technically today) ♥