Monday, February 14, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Today I am sharing a beautiful story written by the fellow which is a new twist! The couple is staying anonymous which I truly understand and love. I think it makes the story that much more romantic and since there are no pictures you can envision the couple however you like!

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     Sometimes we are lost, wandering through the world without even knowing we are alone.  As I walked down the hall towards my class, oblivious to all around me and lost in thought (not unlike a character in one of my stories), I was suddenly confronted by a smiling face--an angel with heavy-rimmed glasses and a smile that could melt the winter snows.

    As she chattered away, explaining why she had missed my class, I was more interested in her eyes than her words, although I did hear that she was going through a divorce and hoped she wouldn't miss class again.  I told her not to worry about it and faded back inside myself.

   A few weeks later my phone rang.  On the other end was a crying woman who was sure her world was coming to an end because her soon-to-be-ex-husband was going to take her kids away.  I assured her that she would not lose her kids and encouraged her to find a friend to be with, but the thought of her so vulnerable and willing to share her painful feelings with me was intriguing.  Something within me stirred just a bit.

   Fast forward to the donut shop:  she is trying to study for an exam and has missed some classes and I am trying to help her review and fill in the blanks in her notebook, but as I sit and drink my tea, we are talking more about her life than the pending exam, and by the time we are walking into class I am taken by how much I seem to care for this person who keeps penetrating my protective emotional armor.

    The next class was the end of one of those days when everything seems amiss.  I kept losing track of time and was trying to fit three days work into a few hours--something I am usually pretty good at--and as  a result I missed dinner.  A stop at McDonald's for fast food produced nothing but frustration, and I faced teaching two classes on an empty stomach.  At the end of the first class I reached into my pocket hoping to find some change for the vending machines and discovered I had two quarters, a penny, and a ten dollar bill.  Thinking out loud, I commented on what a bad day I was having, and when class ended, this cutie with the big glasses and bigger smile went out to the coke machine and brought me back a sixteen-ounce plastic bottle of life-saving nectar.

    When I emailed her a thank you, I didn't expect much in return, but as it turns out that was the beginning of a lovely relationship, one that has warmed my heart and changed me in so many ways that I can't begin to describe how exciting and wonderful the last few months have been.  From the stirrings of a random conversation to eating Chinese food on my couch, I have fallen in love with a truly remarkable woman. 

    A nice fantasy but a better reality.  Sometimes you find things when you are not looking and sometimes love appears in your life so suddenly, it seems as if it has always been there and you just never noticed it before.  Even when it is wearing big clunky glasses.

Anonymous & in love ♥

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