Saturday, February 5, 2011

What do you Love?

One of my favorites..... 'What do you Love' . It's creative and makes me think of the random things that make me happy!  I hope you'll join in!

 What do You Love?

I was given a rockin' opportunity to partake in 3 different Guest Posts over the last 2 weeks. It's a great feeling to know that what you enjoy doing someone else enjoys reading and wants to share. You can find them here ♥

My lovely friend, Chastity emailed me this video and it made me get up and dance around the living room. This is 'Love' especially the cute old couple! :)

I got highlights! I know.. I know.. my hair changed and I said it wouldn't. My bestie, Alisha and I had a great night in. We ate some chicken parm, pigged out on garlic bread, watched SVU and she highlighted my hair. I'm so happy with it! All while her baby, RJ (due in May) was dancing inside her belly!

One of my favorite friends at work, Maureen, emailed me the other day pretty much saying that I should stop bye her desk because she had something I would be interested in ♥ Since I love hearts she knew I would like one of these. Go figure, my first time in 26 years eating a Boston Creme Donut and it was shaped like a heart!

Continuing the spirits of Hearts since I love the month of February (V'day.. cough cough).. I also love.. that when Charlie and I grabbed food a few weeks ago I challenged myself to make a heart from the straw wrapper. So, it's really not difficult. I left it on the table though in hopes that before it was thrown away the person picking it up smiled.

With all my love,