Sunday, February 27, 2011

The little things that make me happy!

Today started off with a snowball fight between Charlie and I. Since I'm telling the story, let's just say I won :) Charlie starts his new position tomorrow and we're both excited. I'm looking forward to making dinner tomorrow evening since we'll both be home for once, around supper time! It's the little things that make me so happy!
Another thing that makes me happy is this little furball, Peanut. ♥

Spending a fun night out with great friends, always makes me happy ♥

Making new friends here in Blogland is another on the Happy List! ♥
New Sponsors:
Melody at Lap of Luxury is adorable. She has created her own line of beanies and being one of my absolutely favorite accessories her blog has been on the top of my favorites to read recently! She has modern and very stylish designs. All different types of cute designs of headbands and beanies. Stay tune as mid March there will be a Giveaway at Love is Everywhere from Lap of Luxury!
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Ashley at Eisy Morgan has become such an inspiring friend to me. She's a lot of fun and full of life! A great combo for a fabulous blog to follow. From her hair tutorials, crafty projects, Bloscars, features to her day to day posts about life. Ashley continues to amaze me every day!

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Kymberly at Travel Babbles: Living the Hockey life is another beautiful Sponsor of Love is Everywhere. She's a collector of Vintage jewelry and offers it on Kym is always partaking in fun projects and features which are quite intriguing, inspirational & you'll fall in love! 

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