Sunday, February 20, 2011

Keeping a memory alive

It's crazy how just a simple few words someone can say will hit so close to home. I came across this pretty country tune If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away that was shared tonight. It's a great song with strong lyrics. I'm constantly telling stories to my friends and family because number one, I enjoy talking and number two I like keeping memories alive. That's one thing I've said over and over is that my memory is pretty clear and fully intact. I hope that I never lose that. I guess it's why I got into photography and take so many photos. I don't want to ever lose a memory and if I begin to forget I want to be reminded.

Every spring I go to the cemetery where my grandparents rest and I take out all the old flowers, roots, weeds and grass. I clean it all up and plant new flowers. It's been something that I've done since I was younger. After my Papa passed away my Memere and I would go and decorate where my Papa laid. After she passed away I couldn't stop. There's a few gravestones that are empty that are near my grandparents that I plant flowers at as well. One of the saddest things is a stone with no flowers. Sadly, some people don't have children which means their memories may have began and ended with them. Sometimes I wonder what kind of lives they lived. Perhaps, it's a memory I create of my own to keep their spirit alive.

So after hearing the song it brought these thoughts of my grandparents into my mind. I think it's really important to keep memories alive. I adore seeing photos of your families, special places, events and designs you're proud of. Continue doing that. Also, if there is someone that meant alot to you that is no longer here keep that love growing. Tell a story to someone whether you feel they may want to hear or not. Because they will care, they really will because whoever you're talking to loves you. I'm sure they can tell how important it is for you to share just as my friends and family let me ramble away.

Here's to keeping old memories alive and creating new ones with each moment. ♥