Friday, May 20, 2011


Today is quite an amazing day on all different levels. Let's just start with the Sun is out ♥ When I came home, you had to see my face when I looked at 1,000 followers. I never thought that Love is Everywhere would reach that many people. When I began writing my hope was to make a difference in just one life and that would comfort me. As time went on, I began receiving such amazing feedback how people love to see what is posted, because it makes them smile or it turns their days around. Just that alone is inspiring to me.

I thank you all so much for being apart of Love is Everywhere, for spreading the love in directions that are closer to you than me. For making choices in your lives that are best for you and no one else. For staying positive during tough times and looking at the bright side of things.

Thank you for being you. I love you all so much ♥

I'm sending you all tons of hugs & kisses, x's & o's, just know you are all such extraordinary people :)

With all my love,