Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friends make a difference in our lives.

I wanted to take a step away from photos for this one post. I wanted to tell a story about how one choice can redirect your path in life. We all know that, a simple yes versus a no, or a left versus a right can change the rest of your life in a just one moment. Of all these choices we make, making a new friend does too.

When we were younger, there is always a small group of friends that we'll remember from our childhood. As the years pass, you not only grow out of your clothes, but you grow out of that group of friends. You no longer share the same interests and you just take off in different directions. It's natural, it's a part of life and yes it's always sad. However, when you step out of something you step right into something new.

I feel that throughout my life, I've stepped out of many groups of friends, which I've always kept in touch with. Now that I'm in my 'late' 20s I've found myself surrounded by an extraordinary group of friends that I feel confident that I will grow old with. They are spread out and I share different interests with them all and I love the friendships we have for those specific reasons.

There is one friend I wanted to write about today, Alisha. She's become one of my best friends over the past 4-5 years. Charlie and I have spent a great deal with her and her husband, Ryan. They recently had a beautiful baby, RJ who I've mentioned quite a bit recently. Ryan is a Marine and he's been stationed out west, in which this week they will be leaving. I find myself in tears for my own selfish reasons because we will not see them as much. I find myself in tears out of happiness as well.

I think back to the first time I met her in Elementary School. She went to a different school but we shared a common friend. I always saw her each year at our friend's birthday party. It wasn't though, until Jr. High I got to know her a little more. Our lockers were next to each other up until the point when we graduated, so we always said quick hellos in passing and smiled. I always felt strongly on how sweet of a person she was; however, we did not have a strong friendship as we spent time with different groups of friends. It was not until years back that we truly built our friendship.

It's strange yet amazing, in life how you can pass someone bye and you never would think that in 10-15 years from that point you two would be part of one another's lives. You never think that you'll be there as the other is getting married and giving a speech about the lovely couple. You never think that you'll be visiting the day the other gives birth to their first child. It never crosses your mind to think you'll experience some rough times in life and that person that you just say hello to as you get your books out of your locker, will be the friend to console you. Alisha has been that friend.

We've been trying to get in as much free time together as possible before she leaves. I think to myself everyday, what will I do without her? Then the waterworks come pouring out. But the truth is, we'll still keep in touch while they're gone for the next 3 years. Charlie and I look forward to visiting them. They will begin a new life out West and they are such a strong trio that things will work out beautifully for them. Even though there is distance between us, we know we'll still be apart of their lives.

Life is amazing and the choices we make, the directions it takes us is so worth while. I'm sure if you took a moment to think, you'll find yourself agreeing with me and perhaps right now someone came into your head that fits this story in a similar way. Everyone who is in your life or has left, was there for a reason. They played a special role to help you move forward with your life in some way. I'm looking forward to what the future brings but at this time I'm happy with living in the moment with these wonderful friends that I have. ♥