Monday, May 30, 2011

I love my eyes: Spread {your} love

This evening I linked up with a fabulous new feature this week called Spread Your Love. Right when I saw the title I was hooked, of course! Some lovely women put this together to help us see our true beauty. This is the week of sharing with all what you love about yourself. ♥ So swing on over and then take a picture of what you love then spread the word.

I love my eyes.
My eyes are green.
Green is my favorite colour.
There are 3 freckles in my left eye.
I love my freckles.
I'm Irish.
I love that I'm Irish. 
It shows through my 
green eyes and freckles.
 We are all very unique; however, many of us women share a commonality. We tend to be in secure and do not feel confident at times to show off our lovely features. We are scared to be judged. When someone compliments us we turn red, because perhaps we don't know how to take a compliment. That needs to stop. We are all beautiful, each and every one of us. We bring something special to those around us. We bring our love and beauty inside and out. So shake off those insecurities and look yourself in the eye (in the mirror of course), then pick something that you just love about you and share it with the world ♥