Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Prom and a Blog Meetup = One Fine Day!

There are two great things that happened for me yesterday, that I felt the need they are mucho importante to share ♥

The first..
Timmy who is my cousin, but he's that cool and we're that close.. I call him my little brother, went to his Junior Prom yesterday. It's hard enough knowing he's 10 years younger than me and a whole foot (and then some) taller than me. To see him all dressed up, looking incredibly handsome with his beautiful date made me realize that yes, he's growing up now. I can't imagine what all you moms go through when your children hit milestones in their lives. My heart goes out to each and every one of you!

The second... We had officially our first CT Blogger Meetup last night.
We went to Olive Garden which I know at this very moment you're all thinking or perhaps saying out loud..."mmmmm..". Yes, everything was delicious and our bottles of wine were put to good use! We all discussed our blogs, how we began writing, who and what was our inspiration. We talked about things going on presently in our lives. I simply adore each one of these ladies that I had the honor of being apart of their company. It's a great feeling to know how one moment can change your life. Meeting them has changed my life ♥

These are the fabulous women I got to share wine, food, and tons of laughs with. You will love them too ♥
 We had this wonderful waitress Jenn, who took our photos. We explained that it was our first time meeting each other and when she brought the bill out to us, she included this cute little message: