Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Our story is not unlike many love stories.  Future Papa and I met in high school.  I thought he had a cute smile.  We started dating our senior year.  I guess you could call us high school sweethearts!
 We went to college and spiraled further and further into love.  After we graduated, we got married!!
We got real jobs.  We were giggly newlyweds!  We adopted an unrefined dog.

And now, we are having a baby!  But we aren't pregnant...we are adopting a child from Taiwan.  And we couldn't be more excited!

The first thing people usually ask us is if there is something wrong with our baby-makers.  As far as we know, there isn't!  :-)  We feel called to adopt.  To welcome and love a child without parents.  To make him or her eat their veggies and clean their room.  Currently, statistics state that there are 147 million orphans in the world.  We can't save them all.  But, we hope to make a difference in the life of just one.

Our story is a story overflowing with love.  The love we feel for this little baby is nearly indescribable.  Our family aches for the little one who is meant to be in our family.  And we would love for you to be a part of our love-filled journey!  As most people are aware, adoption is expensive.  There are fees associated with our application, country, home study, legal documents, notarization, translating, background checks, fingerprinting, travel, visas, and more.  Is your head spinning?  Because mine sure is!!!  We'll certainly be writing checks to our agency, but our money will also be flowing into our local and state governments and various institutions in Taiwan (like the orphanage, courts, etc.).  Airlines won't fly us around the world for free, doctors need paychecks to buy their kids dinner, and social workers like money to buy a cute top from time to time. 

How can you be a part of our love story?  By participating in The Twenty for Taiwan Campaign.  Basically, the idea began as this: if 1,250 people each donated $20.00, our fundraising would be over.  Finished!  Kaput!  Exciting, right?!  If you are reading this, you can make a real difference!  For the cost of one dinner out, you can help give an orphan a home.  For the cost of one shirt at the mall, you can help a husband and wife become a mommy and a daddy.  So, please consider donating just $20.00 and joining our love story!  And after you do that, write about us on your blog or make this post your facebook status for a day!  It would mean so much to us.  We can't wait to have a toddler in our kitchen on Saturday mornings, eating pancakes and getting sticky fingers.  We want to see how high we can swing on the playground.  We are looking forward to snuggling on the couch after bath time, before bedtime, reading a book.  Many of you already enjoy these moments with your child (or children).  Will you help our child get home?  As of now, WE ONLY NEED 1,200 MORE PEOPLE TO JOIN THE CAMPAIGN!  Will you make this number 1,199 by donating just $20.00? 

We would love for you to follow our adoption journey through our blog:
Much love,
Future Mama

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