Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Today I am in introducing the very lovely & adorable , Molly, to you all. She has been so wonderful to share her Love Story with all of us! You will adore her just as much as I do. Enjoy and keep spreading the love ♥

My name is Molly (infertilenany). 
My blog is Adventures of an Infertile Nanny (http://infertilenanny.blogspot.com). I blog about my life as a happily married-mother to four furrbabies (3 cats, 1 dog)-full time nanny/part time book seller who is dealing with unexplained infertility. I love owls, my pets, and books. But most of all I love my husband Mr.Awesome. This is our love story...
I'd like to say it was love at first site but honestly we were only 16 when we started dating and we kind of stumbled into a relationship. Mr.Awesome had dated one of my friends and I had dated two of his so we had "hung out" before but we had never really considered dating. Luck would have it that a time when we were both single Mr.Awesome and I would end up at the same dance club (for teens) and end up slow dancing the night away. After that we were inseparable. By the time we were 18 Mr.Awesome (due to family issues) had moved in with my family as we both attended a local college. Through the years our love grew, not just for each other but for our families and for the life we were making with each other. In the summer after we turned 18 we rented our first place by ourselves, well okay we had a room mate but still. Right after we turned 19 Mr.Awesome proposed to me. Although I knew it was coming, we had shopped for rings together, it was still on of the happiest days of my life. I didn't hesitate to say yes and in January 2005 in Mexico we got married, we were only 20 years old but we knew we were ready. My wedding was everything I every hoped it would be. We had about 20 family members and friends attend and we got married bare foot on the beach. In 2007 (at the age of 22) Mr.Awesome and I bought our house together. We had been renting a tiny little apartment with our three cats and we wanted to give them more space. They were over thrilled to have so much room to roam and we were thrilled to have a place we could call our own. That same month we decided we were ready to fill that home with more than just cats and we started trying to conceive. 
It's been almost four years since that day and although we have yet to succeed at trying to conceive we are happy together as we can be. I can't imagine my life without Mr.Awesome and I feel so blessed that I met the love of my life at the tender age of 16. I feel like our relationship is so unique because we literally grew up together. We are connected in so many ways it simply amazes me. I love my life and I love my husband.
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