Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey Mamas, you're all beautiful!

Happy Mother's Day ♥

Today was perfect. My mom had the best day! 
My sister and I took her to the outlets. 
We shopped...
& shopped & shopped!
We met a wicked cute, shaggy dog named Jack.
We all found dresses at Dress Barn for my cousin's Wedding next weekend (take that off the 'to do list')!
Fried clam strips was on all three of our minds.
We drove back and forth on Route 1 in search for a yummy seafood joint.
We found it - Lenny & Joe's Fish Tale... yummy!
The line was long & a woman walking out stopped us to say..
..."ladies it's like a 1 hour wait in there"...
We continued inside :)
The line was long but it moved quickly until..
We were next in line and all registers froze.
They could only take cash, I squealed because lunch was my gift and I never carry cash.
My sister saved the day.
There was no where to sit so we ate in the car.
On the way home my mom said,
"This day was so much fun, I love you girls so much. Thank you"
It was perfect ♥
The end!