Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Today I share with you a beautiful, young couple in love. So very in love! You'll read about how they met as well their future plans together. Love is powerful. Keep on spreading it ♥
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Ryan (my boyfriend/Fiancee) met at a university we attended 7 years ago. At the time, we were both dating other people. We had 2 classes together and I used to get pretty annoyed with him bec whenever the professors would ask questions, he was always eager to answer. Being the keener and nerd that I was, with him answering every question in class drove many students crazy, including myself.

Well we started talking once because I sat by him and asked him for his math textbook to check a question. He whispered something with his friend - he thought i was hitting on him. But I wasnt (we still disagree to this day) on that. As we got to hang out more and more into the semester, and having lockers in the same hallway helped lots to get to know each other. My goodness! Was I wrong? He was the nicest guy I had met in a LONG time. There was a mutual understanding between us that we got along, but it couldnt be more than that bec I was seeing someone else.

The guy I was dating at the time - cheated on me with my best girlfriend at the time. I was heart-broken. Lost a guy and my best friend with it. Ryan supported me throughout this hard time. I wanted to drop out of school, things were crazy at home bec my parents were mad (mainly my mom) at me that I dated a guy like him (Well I didnt know beforehand what him and my best friend was planning behind my back!) but Ryan mostly kept me on track. He constantly reminded me education is important and maybe things happened for a reason and that maybe I would meet someone better, little that I knew I would fall head over heels in love with this guy. I remember hanging out even more than usual at this point in time. We even studied together at the library after classes and friends had started commenting - if we were dating yet?

When school ended, I went back home over summer - 2 months to India and Ryan and I would e-mail each other every week and set phone dates but bec of the 12 hours time diffeernce, we only got to talk for 5 minutes once.Thats when we both knew that we were more than friends. We both told a mutual friend of ours - Tanya and she ofcourse told both of us seperately that we had liked each other. Well when I returned from India back to Canada, Ryan asked me out with a blue rose. Just so you know, I am a "blue-fanatic" annd had told him on randomnly once that I don't think I have seen a blue rose. Well, him and his grandma got together and searched in many flower stores to look for a blue rose. They found one and first day back to school, he asked me out. And guess what? I said no! and didnt even give him a hug. I didnt think my parents would EVER ACCEPT US! I thought about it for about 3 weeks and he had told me that he would date other girls if I couldnt make my mind. I remember thinking to myself - I dont know if this will work but I cant let him go either! It just felt so RIGHT to say yes!
I bit the bullet and said yes! We dated for 3 years - happiest days of my life. And I had Ryan coming over to my place sometimes to "drop off my textbooks" or as Ryan - the nice white guy from School come over for movies on a weekend - it felt like my parents liked him but that was all "as a friend". We also had his parents over for some East-Indian food for lunch. That all was part of the "Strategy" to introduce both sides. This was all nice, we had high hopes that it was time to tell my parents and we were hoping things might not be as worse. Well, were we wrong? The minute Ryan and his family came over to ask my hand for marriage (thats how its done traditionally in India), my dad didnt say yes or no. He said he needed time to think. My dad had asked me if it was possible for Ryan to get to learn some Punjabi - my native language. I talked to him and we said yes, he will learn it and I remember we spent all our summer evenings learning the language from youtube. God bless youtube! Luckily for us, the university he was doing his masters at, started offering Punjabi language classes and he enjoyed them immenself. He can make sentences now! He has come so far :) I am so proud of him!!

With all that was going on, the hard phase had started and I have to say it was (and still is) the HARDEST thing we went through as a family. Times were tough, I had to quit a great job that I had gotten into, Ryan was doing his masters and was super stressed out. My brother couldnt handle the stress at home and had dropped out of school. It was all a bad phase. I dont remember how many nights, I cried myself to sleep and felt guilty that everything was my fault. I would pray everyday to god to make this work. Some days, I just wanted to run away from home and end all the drama. But Ryan and I made committment to each other to make this work and do it the "right" way. We didn't want to run away and wanted to have their blessings and love. Ryan is my rock and always will be. I am very sensitive and emotional but he is very strategic and thinks from his brain. It makes us very different individual but works like magic as a couple!

Fast forward 2 years of this tough phase, Dad flew to India to talk to his extended family and introduced the idea of marrying into a different culture. I am such a PROUD daughter of my DADDY to take such a big step against his family wishes and support me! I owe him one for letting me choosing what's right for me and supporting me for it. I respect him so much, I dont have words how much I love him. My mom is having harder time accepting it, she is very traditional. And I try to accept that.

But the good news is - We are kind of planning an Indian wedding next year in Feb 2012 in India and then come back to Canada for a summer Canadian wedding. Nothing is set yet but things are in much better shape.

Thats my love story, crazy but we are so in love. I cannot wait to start to live our lives and grow old together and spend our 20's, 30's ...........and 80's, 90's together. Now I need your best wishes and prayers to make this work for us - come follow me along on my journey at my blog :)

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