Saturday, May 21, 2011

Living it up on a new Saturday!

Welcome to the weekend! I've been keeping my excitement under control for the first CT Blogger Meet Up tonight, but now it's time to let it out! I cannot WAIT to meet all of these other beautiful bloggers. We're looking forward to a yummy dinner, delicious drinks and of course getting to know one another. I'll be bringing my camera with me to share with you our first event. For those who were unable to attend, we promise we'll be doing more ♥

My wish for you today is:
♥ try something new.
♥ say hello to a stranger as you pass bye and be sure to share your beautiful smile.
♥ spread your love.
♥ and most of all.. live.

Also, today Love is Everywhere is being featured at the one and only Shine Project. So head on over and visit the very beautiful Ashley. She's truly amazing and what she's taken on in her life by starting up the Shine Project is out of this world. Get ready to be inspired ♥