Friday, May 13, 2011

Sharing a Love Story ♥

Today we have a beautiful story told in quite a unique way. I just adore how Momma-Kana and her hubby put their story together. Enjoy and spread the love! :)

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Our love story is one for the record book I tell ya'
....once upon a time.... blah blah blah.... and they lived happily ever after. the end.

Okay, so that is not really how it went but for some reason I feel sheepish! So here is my "She said/He said" version. (version may be different from boys)
She is from Sacramento, CA.
He is from South Jordan UT.
Source: Adriapparel

She was going to school at BYU -Hawaii. She was studying Tourism and Hospitality.
He was going to school at BYU-Provo. He was studying Chemical Engineering.

She was offered and internship in Provo.
He was offered a scholarship in Provo.

She wanted to room with mission friends.
He wanted to room with his brother.

She was hanging up a white-board.
He walked in the apt.

She was pretty mad because she knew He was there only to see if cute girls resided in the apt. He got the vibe that He was not wanted by me and shortly left.

She got scolded at by said roommates for being rude. So she made it a point to be extra nice next time she saw him. She saw him with a little blond girl walking to the car. She stopped trying to be nice after that.

He invited her to make pies one night,
She was awfully confused (thought he had a girl) but accepted.

They loved making pies

Soon the She and HE became WE and they loved to go longboarding, dancing, camping, and anything else that ends in .."ing" (kissing, hugging, laughing. fishing,  etc)

He graduated from school
She is almost done.

She said "you need to propose or I need to leave!"

She went on a rafting trip and ran a triathalon
He went to Tonga to make oil out of coconuts

He missed her very very much.
She thought it was over and her heart was broken

She saw him at the airport after his trip
He gave her a twirling hug

after 6 months of dating and 2 months of engagement decided to make.,..
an offer on their first house!

oh, and get married. :)
Sacramento LDS Temple. This is for all time and all eternity

(note: find emailed version of how he proposed and pots it. It will KNOCK your socks off!)
hint: It involves horseback riding, airplane riding, eating on top of a mountain and lots of hugs and kisses

They loved their little house and soon moved on from making pies to making a baby... girl that is.

And life is life so after just 12 months in their cute house they said goodbye and took a good job offer in Texas.
Little Family at the Alamo
and thus "texas is for lovers" was born

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