Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flowers, Birds & the Bees

This past October, Halloween to be exact... marked 1 year in our home. Prior to buying our home Charlie and I lived in an apartment for almost 5 years. There we were on the second floor with not even a little balcony. There was no true yard so we were pretty much confined to our 2 bedroom castle. It did the job and we have so many fun memories with friends and family living there.

One of the 'must haves' for us when we were house searching was a big yard. I always grew up having a nice yard to host and play sports. That's what we really wanted so some houses we turned down due to the lack of a spacious yard. Since Charlie's schedule has been just awful the last year we never got time together to go outside and do yardwork. He pretty much took care of all of it on his days off which were always during the week.

Let's just say, we love our yard and this past Sunday, together we were able to give our thanks and love to it! Charlie tore up the front and planted grass seed. Keep your fingers crossed because per our lovely neighbors the front yard of our home is jinxed and grass never grows. It looked terrible, but after Charlie removed all of the crab grass, ants, weeds, etc it's already 100% better than it was before.

I cleaned out this area in the back of our house that the prior owners put together. I can't believe that I didn't take a picture of all the whole thing, but I will when it's done. Besides the pictures below I planted Rose Campion and Daisies. I can't wait for everything to come to life! I will give you a sneak peak to my lovely garden! ♥