Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our Home.

I love our home. I should rephrase that.. I'm IN love with our home. There's so many reasons why, they may sound silly but here's a few off the top of my head:

♥ We have a beautiful Bay Window, that you can see from the picture. Peanut and I fit perfectly, and the two small side windows cause the most pleasant breeze to hit us both.
♥ It belongs to Charlie and me. My best friend who also happens to be the greatest man in my life. The cherry to my sundae... The curtains to my window.... The microwave to my popcorn... okay you kind of get it :)
♥ It was move in condition, really. The people before us remodeled the entire house. Best part of it all is that the living room and kitchen is green. Yes, my favorite colour!
♥ Our kitties have so many cool places to hide and venture off too since they're deprived of the outside.
♥ The sun does not hit every window, which at first you would think... 'that stinks..' but it doesn't. I like having some rooms that only have shade, it keeps it cool in the summer and nice for the eyes when they need rest.
♥ We have a sweet counter in the kitchen, that I like to call our breakfast nook even though it does not look like one. I guess I don't know exactly what a breakfast nook looks like? Lol.. I just like saying it I suppose..
♥ All of our friends and family say that it's so comfortable being here, they feel at home. I love that!
♥ We have a lot of hardwood floors. The home I grew up in had wall to wall carpeting, I always dreamed of hardwood floors one day :)
♥ I can sit on the couch with all the windows open, no TV on and just hear all of the birds. I know there's birds everywhere, but I feel that they're singing just for us and our home only..
♥ It's petite, we really don't have a big home at all. I'll have to do a post with pictures one day. But it's a ranch and it's so cute. I love calling it petite, because it is. We all fit in here so it's just the right size!
♥ I feel safe. That's what makes a home complete. That feeling of security, which I finally have being here.

I love our home.