Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

pictures taken by The Man
- Feeding ducks with Charlie at the park. We had bread leftover from dinner and we broke it up in pieces for all the mamas and babies. What we forgot about is that the bread was buttered so our hands got quite greasy.
- Seeing the Crossing Guard in her car since school was not out yet. She was passed out with her arm extended out the window. My first thought was... 'Uh oh, she needs to wake up..' My second thought was... 'Maybe she's drinking on the job?' My third thought was.. 'I hope she's okay!'.. Then I proceeded to honk my horn once and I saw her jump up. So she's okay but may be a little grumpy with the kiddos!
- Going to the soda machine to grab a drink and putting all the change in, just to realize your 10 cents short.
- When you go to wipe your face with a towel that the cats just laid on. Talk about fur city all over your face.

- Getting to spend time with our besties Alisha and Ryan before they leave this weekend for San Diego. We're going to miss them and the little one like crazy but it's great to have the quality time we have had this past week.
- It's Memorial Weekend.. so that means 3 days! Woo hoo to long weekends!
- Talking to one of my favorite cousins from Illinois on the tele. I love him!
- Having a date with Charlie. Beginning with ordering pasta, eating it at the park, then ending with Dairy Queen ice cream cones. He's the best ♥
- Receiving two gifts from friends this week. One being beautiful flowers to put in a pot on our deck, the other is a book called 14,000 things that make you happy. I will be sharing some each day if I remember!