Saturday, May 7, 2011

A beautiful necklace on a lovely day!

Today was a special day. As I opened the mailbox and gathered all of the accumulating mail, there was a large package amongst them all. It was my necklace that I won a few weeks ago. It's so beautiful. One of those 'so beautiful moments' where your head tilts to the side, an unstoppable smile develops and you scrunch your shoulders up towards your chin. Yes, all of that happened to me when I opened the envelope and saw the cute little sealed box.

I wanted to share with you just how elegant this piece of jewelry is. Thank you to the very talented, Keri from Bohemian Backbone. If you haven't seen her website then you must head over there. Within minutes you'll find something that just throws you head over heels. ♥

*if you click on the photo below it will open up so you can see the necklace up close!